De locaties van de aanlegplaats van onze veerboot:

52.699640, 5.289457

52.886762, 5.359028

General Information

  • You can buy e-tickets via our website or at the VVV in Enkhuizen and Stavoren.
  • You can take your bicycle, bicycle with cart, tandem or scooter on board for a fee
  • There are enough sockets to charge the batteries for the e-bikes.
  • Dogs are allowed on board for free, provided they are on a leash, but dogs are not allowed in the Zuiderzee Museum.
  • Purchased e-tickets cannot be canceled or exchanged.
  • Combination tickets for the Zuiderzee Museum are only available at the VVV in Stavoren and only available before sailing. You can therefore not buy an e-ticket for the Zuiderzee Museum from us.
  • You can take your bicycle, bicycle with cart, cargo bike (max. 90 cm wide), tandem or scooter on board for a fee.
  • Wheelchairs and scooters are included for free.
  • There are sufficient sockets to charge the batteries of the electric bicycle.
  • Motorbikes can also be taken on board, but this depends on the weather conditions and the available space on the deck. 
  • On board we have a bar with food and drinks, so it is not allowed to consume your own food.

Information numbers

VVV-Stavoren tel: 0514 682424.
VVV-Enkhuizen tel: 0228 313164.

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Locatie Enkhuizen


Rederij V&O b.v. Enkhuizen

Veerboot locaties:
1601GT Enkhuizen, Tritondam 3 en
8715ES Stavoren, Stationsweg 7
tel: 0228 326667

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